Tanner Barcelos

Senior ML Engineer passionate about building beautiful and intuitive web platfroms that simplify MLOps

A Little About me

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As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, I am currently building an intuitive web platform designed to streamline Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) for Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and AI Researchers. This platform leverages cutting-edge technologies and machine learning models to provide seamless user experiences and drive operational efficiency.

This platform is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the deployment of robust ML models, development of intuitive software, and setup of scalable infrastructure for high-volume data processing and prediction tasks. It is designed to empower users with real-time insights and enhance operational efficiency.

With a strong technical foundation spanning frontend, backend, and machine learning technologies, I am committed to improving user experience, streamlining MLOps, and driving operational excellence in a distributed, cloud-native environment.


What I've Built

BI Secretary

This is a project built while working at Visa

TypescriptReactZustandNovaCSS (Visa CSS Library)Apache SupersetDockerOpenAI API (GPT-4)


Under Construction
ReactTypeScriptGolangEcho FrameworkDockerMySQLRedisVercel



Coffee Connection

ReactRedux ToolkitExpressMongoDBSCSS


ReactRedux ToolkitTypeScriptExpressMongoDBVercelLinode


Greg Bernstein
Professor at CSU East Bay

Tanner was one of the top students in my CS351 Web Development class at California State University East Bay. This class was on full stack web development which includes development for the front end, backend, and the network (protocols and architectures). Tanner excelled at Website design, React, and Node.js development. As an undergraduate he then took my graduate level CS651 Web Systems class where he was my top student. This class featured enhanced web security, server testing (via JavaScript testing frameworks), enhanced JSON processing including JSON-Schema based validation and WebSockets.Tanner went significantly beyond class requirements with his own development project (web app) which featured independent deployment, API usage, enhanced CSS techniques, etc. In addition, Tanner has very good communication skills. I highly recommend Tanner for any type of web related development job

Karan Monga
Software Engineer at Apexx Strategies

I had the pleasure of working with Tanner on the Frontend team for the class project during our Software Engineering course. Tanner always displayed enthusiasm to learn new things and motivated the team to do a better job. His experience in JavaScript programming proved valuable during the development phase. Above all, I was really impressed with Tanner's quick learning ability and his dedication to the task at hand. I highly recommend him for any Frontend developer position

Joshua Knudsen
Former Classmate at CSU East Bay

Tanner is a very hardworking student who is very passionate on learning the material and takes joy in helping others around him understand the material. He puts a lot of time into understanding and practicing material learned in class. His knowledge of Python reflects the effort that he puts in